Oxford University Royal Naval Unit (Oxford URNU) is the Royal Navy's main presence in Oxford and recruits undergraduate members from University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University and University of Reading.

Oxford URNU's mission statement is: "To develop an understanding of the Naval Service in undergraduates, so that those who go into civilian employment are positive advocates thereof and to facilitate a Naval Career for those who choose one."

Oxford is one of 15 URNUs located across the UK offering opportunities to 750 undergraduates from the country’s leading universities.

The URNU aims to broaden understanding of the Royal Navy among university students. It offers students who show leadership potential the chance to develop these skills through maritime experience and exposure to the Royal Navy’s values and ethos.

The URNU is a chance to experience military life without commitment and gain new skills applicable to all walks of life.


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Photo: Oxford URNU - Remembrance Sunday 12 November 2017



Photo: Trafalgar dinner


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Photo: Annual Reception 2018 of the Oxford URNU