Photo: HMS SMITER at sea

Oxford University Royal Naval Unit (OURNU) is an organisation dedicated to training and developing undergraduates from Oxford, Oxford Brookes and Reading universities, without any call-up liability or obligation to join the Royal Navy.

Our core aim is to educate a wide spectrum of high calibre undergraduates who show potential as society's future leaders and opinion formers in the role and need for the Royal Navy.

Our resources:

We are lucky to have access to three state of the art resources in pursuit of our mission statement:

- HMS SMITER, a P2000 commissioned warship in the Royal Navy staffed with full time Royal Navy personnel.

- Falklands House, our headquarters in Oxford, with classrooms, a gym, an officers mess and a complete set of navigational training equipment.

- A highly experienced team of Royal Navy and Royal Naval Reserve personnel dedicated to our training both at Falklands House and onboard HMS SMITER, with more than 80 years of service experience between them.