Oxford URNU members participate in a wide variety of sports. URNU members also benefit from the same opportunities to undertake Adventurous Training activities as regular Royal Navy personnel including use of the Naval Outdoor Centre in Germany (NOCG) where Skiing, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Mountaineering, Klettersteiging, kayaking and Canoeing can all be undertaken. Additionally, popular sports in the Unit are:

  • Flying
  • Sailing
  • Running club
  • Circuit training (with the Army Officer Training Corps)

Each year around February, all 15 URNUs up and down the country come together to participate in an Inter-URNU sports weekend held at one of the Naval bases. It is the biggest sports tournament in the Royal Navy and includes a wide range of sports and team building events. These usually include Running, Swimming, Netball, Hockey and various other events. Not only is the weekend a sporting event but there is also a strong emphasis on the opportunity to meet other URNU members from across the country, most notably at a social event on the Saturday. These are themed and organised by one of the URNUs each year.

Photo: OURNU compete in sports at HMS TEMERAIRE