What are Deployments?

During the Easter and Summer vacation periods Oxford URNU deployments take place. The routine during a deployment is similar to that of the Sea Weekends, except run over a sustained period of time - up to 12 days or more.

Deployments provide an excellent opportunity for students to get to know each other better and develop not only the skills they have learnt in the classroom on drill nights, but also to develop their personal interaction skills as well as their leadership and teamwork skills - and have fun whilst doing it. Generally we will deploy with another unit and their ship so there is an opportunity to make friends from across the country with a similar interest.

Easter Deployment

Run during the Easter holidays, generally along the coast of the UK, although sometimes venturing to the Channel Islands, France, Belgium and Holland. The deployment will last for a least one phase of 12 days, often with several phases of deployment with 10 students on board for each.

Summer Deployment

Summer deployments take us further afield, and recent destinations have included France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and the Baltic as well as circumnavigating the UK. This deployment lasts for several phases of 12 days each.


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Photo: A Cocktail Party on Deployment in France