What are Sea Weekends?

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Sea weekends are spent on board the Ship. You usually visit a nearby port while putting the skills that you have been taught during Drill Nights into practice. One of the Royal Naval Reserve Training Officers also attends to provide navigation and seamanship mentoring.

A standard training programme for a sea weekend may include:

  • Navigation training
  • Man-overboard exercises in which the students have control of the Ship and attempt to recover the 'man overboard'.
  • Exercises for the Ship's Company such as engine breakdowns and steering gear failure.
  • Often, the opportunity to practice multiple vessel manoeuvres with other URNU ships will arise, as will winch exercises carried out with helicopters from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
  • Each officer cadet has a taskbook to complete which outlines the training syllabus and details specific evolutions that must be undertaken in order to progress.

Training weekends provide officer cadets with the opportunity to experience a taster of what life will be like on the Easter and Summer deployments.